Enduring Questions (FRC) Course

FRC-101 Enduring Questions

In the spring, every freshman is enrolled in a section of Freshman Colloquium - Enduring Questions ("EQ"), a course that builds upon skills practiced in Freshman Tutorial. From the beginning of civilization, deep questions have marked our cultures across the globe. A liberal arts education enshrines the question. Questions are the catalyst for and the evidence of a liberal arts mind. Therefore, this class engages students in the exploration of fundamental questions of humanity from multiple perspectives. The daily activity of the class most often involves discussion, wherein students and faculty consider together classic and contemporary works from multiple disciplines, including a variety of genres in literature and art, essays, drama, music, film, and new media. Although individual sections will vary in terms of specific instructional activities and assignments, the goals of EQ are: (1) to facilitate the development of fundamental intellectual skills of careful reading, considerate thought, and effective written and oral communication, (2) to encourage students to consider and communicate with one another about ideas that matter and (3) to build relationships among students, staff, and faculty. In addition to regular class sessions, students are expected to attend affiliated speakers and programs both on and off-campus. Since 2016-17, fall Freshman Tutorial sections (comprised of 15-16 students) continue together in the spring for EQ; however, instructors typically change. Students may not use a Conversion to Credit/No Credit (CC/NC) grading option for FRC-101.
Prerequisites: none
Credit: 1