Every Wabash student and admitted applicant is automatically considered for all the scholarships for which he is eligible. Except for the Lilly Awards described below, no additional application is required. Scholarship winners are expected to write thank you letters to the scholarship donors.

Wabash College Lilly Awards

The Wabash College Lilly Awards, named to honor the Lilly family of Indiana, were established by the Wabash College Board of Trustees in 1974. Each year this program recognizes outstanding young men who show high potential and future promise—men who are likely to have an impact not only on Wabash, but on their community and thus on our world. The Lilly Award, the College’s most prestigious scholarship, is renewable annually and covers the recipient’s tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board.

Wabash College Honor Scholarships

Wabash annually offers Honor Scholarships without regard to financial need. The scholarships are based on an Honors Admissions event.  Please refer to the Wabash College website for detailed information. Included in these Honor Scholarships are those endowed by the generous bequest to the College of Frederic M. Hadley, Sr.; the McLain-McTurnan-Arnold Honor Scholarship endowed by the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Reid McLain, Mr. and Mrs. Clair McTurnan, and Mr. and Mrs. Kent Arnold; the Buren Fund Honor Scholarship endowed by the William Higgins - Buren Fund Administrative Committee, National City Bank of Lebanon, Indiana; the George S. Olive III and E.W. Olive Honor Scholarship endowed by Mr. and Mrs. Scott Olive; the A. Malcolm McVie Honor Scholarship endowed by Mr. and Mrs. A. Malcolm McVie; the Louis J. Nardine Award established by Mrs. Gretchen N. Doris in memory of her father; and the A. Malcolm ’41 and Robert L. ’37 McVie Honor Scholarship endowed by Mrs. Robert L. McVie.

Wabash College President’s and Dean’s Scholarships, and Alumni Awards

These scholarships and awards are given for outstanding achievement in high school. All admitted students are automatically reviewed for these scholarships and awards.  President’s Scholarships are supported by gifts from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.

Wabash College merit-based scholarships are renewable annually provided the student attains the cumulative grade point average and number of course credits required at the end of each academic year in order to make normal progress toward graduating in four years.