Division III (DV3) Courses

DV3-252 Stats Soc Sciences

This course provides an introduction to statistics. It covers the design of experiments, descriptive statistics, and statistical inference, including confidence intervals and significance tests for population sums, percentages, and averages. There is also a brief introduction to probability theory. Emphasis is placed on understanding the logic of statistics via spreadsheet simulation. Students also receive considerable exposure to actual sample survey data from the social sciences. This course is offered in the fall semester.
Prerequisites: none
Credits: 0.5
Distribution: Quantitative Literacy

DV3-254 Social Science Modeling: Excel's VBA

This is a course in social science modeling which Microsoft Excel. The goals of the course are to teach students 1. Some classic models in social science. 2. How to construct their own models. 3. How to use Excel's VBA macro language. Models to be studied include agent-based models, epidemiological models, queueing models; and Monte Carlo simulation.
Prerequisites: ECO-251
Credits: 0.5

DV3-287 Independent Study

Enrollment through instructor, with Department Chair approval.
Prerequisites: none
Credits: 0.5-1

DV3-402 Cont Issues in Soc Sci

A colloquium for seniors focusing on contemporary political, social, psychological and economic issues. This course is offered in the fall or spring semester.
Prerequisites: none
Credit: 1