Environmental Studies (ENS) Courses

ENS-400 Environmental Studies Capstone

In the fall of their senior year, students will enroll in ENS400. At the beginning of the semester, students will meet with the instructor(s) of the course to agree on materials to include in a capstone portfolio. This portfolio will consist of: papers and projects generated by the student from his courses within the Environmental Studies minor and from co-curricular experiences relevant to the minor (e.g., summaries of or written products from internships, volunteer experiences, or campus involvement in environmental issues), and a reflective essay integrating the content. The portfolio should illustrate the relationship between environmental issues and the full breadth of their liberal arts education, and students should be prepared to discuss their portfolio during oral comprehensive exams.
Prerequisites: One credit from BIO-102, BIO-103, or BIO-213. One credit from ECO-234, EDU-310, PHI-215, ART-210 (Art and the Environment), or HUM-277 (Literature and the Environment).
Credits: 0