Film and Digital Media

The minor in Film and Digital Media (FDM) introduces Wabash students to the study and practice of film and digital media from a wide range of critical and disciplinary perspectives. This minor incorporates courses from across the College that analyze film as an artistic form with a rich history, as a mode of cultural expression, as a medium shaped by literature and the visual arts, as well as a form of popular entertainment. The courses in the minor require students to engage with films from a range of genres and styles, both Western and non-Western. Students also actively participate in the creative process through a required digital media production course. The remaining electives allow students to foster their interests from either a critical- or praxis-based perspective. 

The minor in Film and Digital Media helps students strengthen their critical thinking skills through the exploration, analysis, and hands-on production of film and media. This minor offers students a background in film and media that is both highly marketable and grounded in the liberal arts. An excellent complement to many different majors, a minor in Film and Digital Media enhances a student’s understanding of the ways in which film and media shape our society, but also animates and encourages the interdisciplinary connections foundational to a liberal education.

Requirements for The Minor

Core Courses
THE-104Introduction to Film1
THE-204World Cinema1
Production Course1
One credit from:
Special Topics in Documentary Filmmaking
Digital Filmmaking
Expanded Digital Production
Cinematic Environments: Digital Space
Elective Courses2
Two elective credits in Film and Digital Media are required. The following courses can be used to satisfy these electives:
Art in Film
Special Topics in Documentary Filmmaking
Digital Filmmaking
Expanded Digital Production
Cinematic Environments: Digital Space
Philosophy and Film
Religion and Film
Acting for the Camera
Games and Interactive Media
By approval of the Film and Digital Media program chair, the special topics courses on this list may satisfy electives for the minor when the topic is related to film and/or digital media.
Studies in French Culture
Studies in German Culture
Studies in Hispanic Culture
Seminars in Theater
Seminar in Theater
Total Credits5

Film and Digital Media (FDM)

FDM-208 Games and Interactive Media

Digital artists are building immersive interactive worlds that provoke us to reflect on enduring questions facing the human race. Games like This War of Mine, Gone Home, Kentucky Route Zero, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and Undertale are challenging the very definition of game" and pushing designers to explore the power of a new art form to illuminate our minds and spark our imaginations. To produce these rich narrative environments, programming and systems architecture must work hand-in-hand with sturdy dramaturgy, aesthetics, and thoughtful design. This requires creative, problem-solving collaboration among people with wildly disparate talents: coders and poets; AI designers and psychologists; engineers and actors. In this complex creative environment, our liberal arts credo has never been more relevant: it takes a broadly educated mind-or, better, many such minds working together-to grapple with complexity. In this course, we will leverage the power of games and interactive media to convey meaning through channels of communication unavailable to traditional media.
Prerequisites: none
Credit: 1
Distribution: Literature/Fine Arts

Film and Digital Media Minor Steering Committee

James Cherry, Theater 
Michael Abbott, Theater
Damon Mohl, Art
Elizabeth Morton, Art
Annie Strader, Art
Matthew Weedman, Art