Student Support Funds

"For when life gets in the way."  -  Jennifer Evans, co-founder of the Mother’s Fund

The Financial Aid and Business Office work each year to ensure that Wabash students have realistic financial plans to cover the cost of a Wabash education. Unforeseen expenses can occur, however, and generous alumni and friends of the College have created several funds that can help students meet such expenses.

The first option in all cases should be a Dean’s Loan. These are interest-free small loans, repayable no later than the current academic year. Dean’s Loans are particularly appropriate for students with WISE positions or other employment who need a cash advance to cover books or other expenses. See the Dean of Students to inquire about a Dean’s Loan.

In other circumstances, you may apply for Student Support Funds, which may be drawn from one or more of the following funds. 

Dean Norman C. Moore Student Fund: Established in 1998 by the Moore children in honor of Dean Moore’s 70th birthday and generously supported by many other Wabash alumni and their families, the Dean Norman C. Moore Student Fund honors the long-time Wabash College Dean of Students (1959-1984). To be administered at the discretion of the Dean of Students, the income from this endowed fund is used to assist students with personal financial situations that might preclude them from continuing or finishing their Wabash education.

Horace Turner Fund: This fund was established through the generosity of alumni and friends of the College in recognition of Horace Turner (H‘76), who served for decades as Director of the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies. The fund supports four (4) primary areas of need that members may face during their time at the College: Academic Support, Book Support, Unexpected Hardship, and pursuit of Graduate, Professional, and Fellowship opportunities. The Horace Turner Fund is administered by the Dean for Professional Development.

Mother’s Fund: Jennifer Evans—the first woman elected to the Wabash Board of Trustees—and her husband Jack Tankersley established this fund in 2017. The goal of the fund is to support Wabash students and to honor the women who make it possible for Wabash men to succeed as students and later in life. The fund provides short-term funding so that students can keep working toward their long-term goals. The Mother’s Fund is administered at the discretion of the Dean of Students.

Wahl Fund: The Wahl Fund honors the sacrifice of Capt. George C. Wahl, Jr., Wabash ’37, who was killed in action while piloting a B-17 over France during WWII. In 1986 his sister, Lucille Wahl established the fund in his memory to help students in need. She was motivated in part by her memories of life during the Great Depression, when so many people had to forego basic needs. She asked only that students who benefit from this fund find a way to pay it forward when they are able to do so. This fund is administered by the Dean of Students.