Global Health (GHL) Courses

GHL-400 Capstone in Global Health

This course will cover a synthesis/capstone portfolio mutually agreed upon by the student and instructor. This collection will include presentations and projects generated by the student from his curricular and co-curricular global health experiences (e.g. blogs or newspaper articles authored; education materials or presentations created; research or health surveys to which the student contributed)and a reflective paper that places this content into the larger context of global health. Students should highlight concepts important in leading effectively, acting responsibly, and living humanely. Example components include advocacy and promotion of public health at all levels of society, critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills, cultural contexts affecting community health, ethical decision-making as related to self and society, and research methods.
Prerequisites: Prereq: BIO-177,PSC-201/SOC-201, and DV1-277.
Credits: 0