International Students

Wabash believes it is extremely important for a liberal arts institution to offer its opportunities to students of all beliefs, nationalities, and creeds. We encourage applications from students of other countries and provide support systems to assist their integration into our community while maintaining the individuality which we expect all of our students to exhibit.

Any student who needs either an F-1 or a J-1 student visa to remain in the United States is considered an international student. The International Center also supports students who are studying while in J-2, H-4, TD, or similar statuses. 

We encourage international students enroll at Wabash in August, not in January, in order to ease their transition to the American college system and culture. As the application process will take an international student several months to complete, they should start investigating colleges/universities one year ahead of the intended enrollment date.

Apply online at or use The Common Application at Questions about the application process should be directed to:

Mr. Chris Dixon
PO Box 352
Crawfordsville, IN 47933 USA or 765-361-6041

To Apply to Wabash College as an International Student

1. Fill out either application

2. Submit official copies of secondary school transcripts along with the International Secondary School Report completed by your counselor.  Students have the option of submitting recommendations from up to two teachers.

3. Submit most recent standardized test scores:

  • TOEFL, IELTS, or the Duolingo test (not required if English is first language or current language of instruction)
  • ACT or SAT. Students who do not wish to submit ACT/SAT scores may request that this requirement be waived based on Wabash College's test optional policy. This policy allows applicants participating in a standardized international curriculum such as Cambridge IGCSE or International Baccalaureate to decide whether their test results should be considered when determining their admissibility and eligibility for merit-based scholarships.

4. Applicants must complete the International Student Declaration of Finances (no fee).

All of the above documents must be on record before an application is considered complete for review. 

International Admission

Wabash admits students with a high level of demonstrated intellectual potential and an equally-high level of achievement in the most rigorous academic program at their secondary school. The admission decision is made following a thorough and thoughtful review. All students with a complete record on file by February 1 will be considered for scholarships and need-based awards.

All international students are eligible to compete for Wabash College merit-based scholarships. Since the number of scholarships is limited and our applicant pool is large and talented, only a few of the qualified applicants will be offered an award. These awards are competitive and are renewable for four years provided the student maintains standard academic progress.

In order to be considered for admission, an applicant must be able to document the ability to pay for expenses not covered by even our best merit-based scholarships. This means that an applicant’s demonstrated need and their ability to cover Wabash’s educational costs (including tuition, fees, on-campus room and board, health insurance, books, supplies, and personal expenses) will be considered by the admissions committee when an application is being evaluated for admission into the college. While generous merit-based scholarships are available to international students, please note that international students are not eligible for institutional need-based aid or federal financial aid.