Faculty Statements on Diversity and Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work

Faculty Statement of Principle Concerning Diversity

We, the Faculty of Wabash College, affirm that our community should embrace both diversity and freedom of speech. While in no way wishing to abridge the free exchange of ideas, we believe that comments, written or spoken, and actions that threaten or embarrass people because of their race, gender, religion, occupation, sexual orientation, national origin, physical disability, or ethnic group hurt all of us. Such insensitivity to any individual or group betrays the spirit of the liberal arts. We invite students, staff, and administrators to join us in fostering an environment of mutual respect.

Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work Statement

The faculty of Wabash College recognizes the importance of undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research, scholarship, and creative work. We believe that faculty members enhance their teaching and professional contributions by actively mentoring students in undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative work. We believe that Wabash College students value a rich tradition of student and faculty collaboration in and outside the classroom, and that the spirit of collaboration and the creation of knowledge are implicit in our Mission Statement and Core Values. This statement is intended to recognize and celebrate the work that we do with our students and to encourage conversations at the College about ways to support such work.