Enrollment Requirements

Continuance in College

A student must meet the minimum requirements for continuing at Wabash. For students who entered in August 2000, or thereafter, the requirements are as specified below:

Freshman to Sophmore6 course credits and a 1.50 average
Sophmore to Junior14 course credits and a 1.70 average
Junior to Senior24 course credits and a 1.85 average
Senior to Graduate34 course credits and a 2.00 average

The Dean of the College is authorized to continue in college a student with a cumulative average lower than that formally required. Such actions are reported to the Registrar.

A student must earn at least three course credits toward the degree each semester; a freshman, however, may be retained for his second semester if he passes two course credits. A student failing to meet this requirement may be continued in college on the recommendation of the Dean of the College, provided the student has maintained cumulative progress adequate to meet the requirements outlined above for continuation in the College.

Senior Requirements

  1. to be in residence in the year immediately preceding the granting of the degree, unless specifically excused from this requirement by the Dean of the College;
  2. to successfully complete all academic work necessary for the degree and Senior Comprehensive Exams by Monday noon preceding Commencement, as verified by the Registrar;
  3. to clear all financial obligations to the College by Monday noon preceding Commencement or make satisfactory alternative arrangements with the Director of Student Accounts;
  4. to complete a check-out process by the Wednesday preceding Commencement; the process includes receiving clearance from various offices of the College, beginning with the Business Office and concluding with the Dean of the College’s Office.

Candidates for the degree who fail to complete all of these requirements in a timely fashion will not be allowed to participate in Commencement, nor will their transcripts be released.