Pre-Law Preparation

The Faculty Pre-Law Committee assists students who would like to consider pursuing a career in the law.  Students with such an interest should meet as soon as possible with Professor Scott Himsel, the Pre-Law Advisor (  The Pre-Law Advisor holds sessions at the beginning of each school year to introduce the Pre-Law Program.  The Pre-Law Program includes a Moot Court competition with alumni attorneys serving as tutors and judges; courses using cases or other law-related materials in Political Science, Rhetoric, Philosophy and other departments; Sophomore Prelaw Interviews; a bootcamp to help students prepare for the Law School Admission Test (the “LSAT”); assistance with law school applications and selection; visits to campus by attorneys who speak about the practice of law; the annual Peck Lecture by an eminent lawyer and the Peck Dinner, where students network with alumni lawyers and the College confers student prelaw awards; on-campus presentations by law schools seeking to recruit Wabash students; and trips by Wabash students to visit law schools.