Transfer Students

We welcome applications from transfer students who wish to complete their degree at Wabash. Wabash requires SAT or ACT scores for transfer admission. In general, applicants should follow the same procedures for admission already listed with these additions specifically for transfer students:

  1. Have your final secondary school transcript sent to the Wabash Admissions Office. The transcript must include eighth semester grades and a final class rank, if available.

  2. Have official transcripts of all college courses attempted sent directly to the Wabash Enrollment Office from the Registrar of each college previously attended. Courses considered for transfer credit must be of a liberal arts nature. Only classes from an accredited college and with a grade of C- or higher will be considered for transfer credit.

  3. Complete the top part of the Verification of Good Standing Form, then give it to the Dean of the college or university from which you are transferring. The Dean is to complete the form and return it directly to the Wabash College Admissions Office.

  4. Include in your application for admission a written statement explaining why you wish to transfer to Wabash.

  5. A personal interview is necessary only upon request from the Enrollment Office.

Advanced Placement/Transfer Credits

Credit may be granted based on test results of the College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement Tests, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate, and Wabash College placement exams given on campus during Orientation.

Wabash College will accept for transfer college courses taken by a high school student only when the student is enrolled in a section of a college course that includes students from the general college population.

All college transcripts will be evaluated by the Registrar. Students will be notified in writing regarding the number of credits that will transfer to Wabash, their class standing at Wabash, and what required courses, if any, they must take while at Wabash.

More information on Credit by Examination and Advanced Placement Credit can be found in the Academic Policies section of this Bulletin.