Schroeder Center for Career Development

Wabash prepares its students to meet their futures with confidence and clarity. Professional Development and Schroeder Center for Career Development (SCCD) helps students to identify, develop, and experience civic and career leadership before they graduate. Through professional immersion trips and vibrant nationally ranked internship program where over 90% of students have meaningful internships each summer, and by graduation, 86% of students have completed at least two summer internships.  Students explore opportunities to reach individual career goals of employment, graduate school, or service opportunities. Whatever he can dream, we offer individualized programs and resources to help Wabash men get there.

SCCD offers the following services to assist students:

  • Personal professional development counseling for all students
  • Resume and cover letter guidance through 1-on-1 meetings with staff or trained Peer Career Advisors
  • Personality type inventories and assessments, including StrengthsQuest
  • Mock interviews, in-person with alumni or online via partner services
  • Workshops, seminars, information sessions, panels, and speakers on topics and industries
  • Access to extensive online resources for career and internship listings 

Recruitment for 1st Destinations, Internships, Graduate School

The Class of 2021 reached a 1st Destination rate of 83% by graduation - and for the past five years, our students have achieved a 1st Destination rate of over 99% within six months of graduation. This is compared to the national average of 58% at six months.  This extraordinary achievement is verified with a 100% knowledge rate of all graduates, not just a small sub-set of students.  The Class of 2021 has 29% of students continuing to graduate or professional school.  To achieve these remarkable numbers SCCD offers:

  • On-campus recruiting and information sessions for full-time employment and summer internships
  • Alumni networking advice, resources, and events on- and off-campus
  • Off-campus career fairs in conjunction with our recruiting partners - two large events are held each year in Indianapolis
  • Coordination of graduate school visits for Masters, Ph.D., JD, and MD programs

Career Exploration

The SCCD  Professional Immersion Experience (PIE) Trip.  These are offered on a regular schedule.  The Immersions provide for two days of pre-study and exploration with a three-day trip to New York, Chicago, Los Angles, Denver, or Washington, DC.  These programs are highly competitive and students are only allowed to participate in one (1) PIE Trip during their tenure at Wabash.

Professional Development Series

The SCCD offers a Professional Development Series each year for students.  The series is held during lunch-time sessions and some evening sessions with alumni speakers.  Topics covered range from budget creation, and savings to your first apartment and how to tie the perfect double Windsor tie.  The sessions are designed to help prepare students from across campus to gain a better understanding of life after Wabash and in some cases, how to network while a student.  Topics are continually being added.