College Loan Funds

The College has funds from which students in need of assistance may borrow money to meet emergency situations. Eligibility and application for this support is administered through the Dean of Students Office. The principal funds which support loans to students are:

Finch Fellowship: This fellowship was established in 1923 by the will of Alice Finch, in memory of her father, Fabius M. Finch, and her brother, John A. Finch.

James M. Hains Fund: This fund was established in 1867 by a gift from James M. Hains, a Trustee of the College from 1876 to 1893.

Cyrus W. Knouff Loan Fund: Endowed by Cyrus W. and June D. Knouff, Class of 1898, the fund provides loans to assist worthy students in acquiring an education.

Walter H. Acheson Revolving Loan Fund: This fund was established in memory of Walter H. Acheson of the Class of 1923 by his family and many personal friends and business associates.

Ray Barnes Family Loan Fund: This fund was established in 1955 by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barnes and family, newspaper publishers of Elwood, Indiana.

Ray Bently Loan Fund: This fund, established in 1957 by Mr. E. Ray Bently of Boston, Massachusetts, is designated for needy students.

M. Rudolph Campbell Memorial Loan Fund: This loan fund was established by Mrs. M. Rudolph Campbell in memory of her husband, Class of 1906.

Ellis Carson Loan Fund: This fund was established in 1946 by a gift from William Carson, father of Ellis Carson, Class of 1931, of Evansville, Indiana.

Bing Crosby Youth Fund Student Loan: This fund is to be used for loans to students who have satisfactorily completed their freshman year and are in need of financial help.

Don Gordon Evans Loan Fund: This fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Dale V. Evans in memory of Don Gordon Evans of the Class of 1968.

Albert M. Gavit Memorial Loan Fund: The Gavit Fund was established by friends of Mr. Gavit.

A. H. Gisler Loan Fund: Established in 1954 by Mr. A. H. Gisler, Class of 1913, this fund is for students in financial distress of any kind.

Leland S. Hanicker Memorial Loan Fund: The Hanicker Fund was established by Mrs. Hanicker and her daughter, Ruth Hanicker, in memory of Leland S. Hanicker, Class of 1918.

Ralph G. Hesler Memorial Loan Fund: This fund was established in 1975 by the family and friends of Mr. Hesler, Class of 1943.

Holt and Olive Loan Fund: This loan fund was established by Mr. Henry Holt and Mr. George S. Olive of Indianapolis.

C. Ted and Thelma L. Johnson Fund: Established in 1970 by Mr. and Mrs. C. Ted Johnson of Indianapolis, the principal and interest of the fund may be used for loans for deserving and needy students of average scholastic ability.

William B. Johnston Loan Fund: This fund honors Mr. Johnston, who was a member of the Class of 1950.

George Valentine and Yvonne Kendall Loan Fund: This fund was established by Dean Kendall’s sister, Alice Rosamond Kendall. For many years Dean Kendall was an outstanding faculty member and the Dean of the College. For one year, in 1940-41, he served as Acting President of the College and then as Dean of the Faculty until his retirement in June 1957.

Edward H. (W1897) and Austin W. (W1885) Knight Student Aid Revolving Loan Fund: The principal and interest from this fund may be used in making loans and administered by the Board of Trustees of Wabash College or under its direction. The cash in this fund may be commingled with other Wabash loan funds. Preference shall be given to the initiated members, if any, of the Indiana Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.

Mrs. Edward H. Knight Memorial Fund: This fund was established by gifts received by the College in Mrs. Knight’s memory.

Herbert G. Larsh Student Loan Fund: Established by his wife and daughter, the fund honors Mr. Larsh, who was a member of the Class of 1896.

Richard H. Lovell Memorial Loan Fund: Established in memory of Richard H. Lovell by his family and friends, the purpose of the fund is to provide temporary financial assistance to students.

Dean Norman C. Moore Student Fund: Established in 1998 by the Moore children in honor of Dean Moore’s 70th birthday and generously supported by many other Wabash alumni and their families, the Dean Norman C. Moore Student Fund honors the long-time Wabash College Dean of Students (1959-1984). To be administered at the discretion of the Dean of Students, the income from this endowed fund is used to assist students with personal financial situations that might preclude them from continuing or finishing their Wabash education.

Marshall A. Pipin Loan Fund: The Pipin Loan Fund was established by contributions to the College by friends of Marshall A. Pipin, Class of 1924, and Trustee of the College from 1961 to 1966.

Donald Reddick Loan Fund: The fund honors the memory of Dr. Reddick, Class of 1905.

Rohrman International Student Loan Fund: Established in 1994 by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rohrman, the fund provides seed money to needy international students.

Ronald Bruce Shearer Revolving Loan Fund: This fund honors the memory of Ronald Bruce Shearer, Class of 1968, outstanding athlete and football co-captain. The fund was established by his family, Delta Tau Delta fraternity brothers, and classmates and friends.

Byron L. Stewart Memorial Loan Fund: This fund was established in 1966 by Mrs. Byron L. Stewart and friends in memory of Byron L. Stewart, Class of 1926, and Trustee of the College from 1963 to 1966.

Jean Van Dolah Memorial Revolving Loan Fund: Established by Harry J. Van Dolah and H. James Van Dolah, Class of 1966, in memory of their wife and mother, the fund, supported by family and friends, is to be used by students majoring in chemistry or in a pre-medical curriculum.

Louis Wiley Loan Fund: This fund was established in 1935 by a bequest from Louis Wiley, Wabash, LLD (1927).