Electronic Music

The Minor in Electronic Music is distinct from the Minor in Music. It relies significantly on a prescribed set of courses that focus only on Electronic Music. These are designed for the teaching and learning of concepts, perspectives, and practices unique to music that is produced through electronic and digital processes.

 Requirements for the Minor

Core Courses
MUS-201Music Theory I1
MUS-221Intro to Electronic Music1
MUS-222Electronic Music History & Lit1
MUS-223Digital Sound Synthesis1
Electronic Music Project0.5
Half a credit from:
Electronic Music Projects
Electronic Music Projects
Ensemble or Lessons0.5
Half a credit from:
Brass Ensemble
Chamber Orchestra
Glee Club
Jazz Ensemble
Wamidan World Music Ensemble
Woodwind Ensemble
Intermediate Applied Music I
Total Credits5
Collateral Requirement1
Intro to Programming
Total Credits1

See James Makubuya (Music Department)