Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship

The Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship (CIBE) at Wabash College works with students in all majors to develop their business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in concert with a rigorous liberal arts education to prepare them for success as innovative leaders throughout their careers.

This highly competitive and selective program provides students the opportunity to engage in educational and professional intensive experiences, entrepreneurship and project-based management opportunities, along with meaningful internships that lead to enhanced skills development for solving real-world problems.

CIBE provides the focal point for credentialing and professional development modules in business and leadership for Wabash College students.  CIBE supports an entrepreneurial mindset through project-based opportunities sourced from students, alumni, the College, non-profits, and local and national businesses. 

CIBE works by integrating facility resources, educational programming, and myriad robust partnerships and connections to guide students toward engagement in their communities, development of their professional capabilities, and enactment of their entrepreneurial ideas.

CIBE Programs include:

  • Liberal Arts Bridges to Business (LABB)
  • Project Management Intensive
  • LEAN Process Improvement Intensive
  • Sales Intensive
  • Unlocking Leadership with Emotional Intelligence Intensive (in partnership with the Wabash Democracy & Public Discourse Initiative)
  • CIBE Entrepreneurship Summit
  • Other shorter programs with partner organizations include Coding Intensive, Excel Analysis Intensive, and AWS Intensive
  • CIBE Summer Innovation Internships
  • Small Business Internships

In partnership with the Schroeder Center for Career Development, the CIBE provides continuing support for the Financial and Marketing Immersion Programs, along with the respective Professional Immersion Experience (PIE) Trip.  These are offered on a regular schedule.  The Immersions provide for two days of pre-study and exploration with a three-day trip to New York, Chicago, Los Angles, Denver, or Washington, DC.  These programs are highly competitive and students are only allowed to participate in one Immersion PIE Trip during their tenure at Wabash.

CIBE Partners Program

The mission of the CIBE Partners is to build a premier business and innovation co-curricular program that is recognized for academic excellence, professional effectiveness and personal accountability in a context that strives to be faithful to the ideals of the liberal arts education.

The CIBE Partners is a highly competitive and selective program. The CIBE Partners exists to ensure twenty graduating Partners per year are well positioned to present to hiring firms, fellowships or graduate schools their strengths in critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, communication, and analytical skills gained from their Wabash studies and additional training.

CIBE Four I’s Strategy:

CIBE Partners will be coached and supported through a Four I’s approach to training and real-world experiences. Partners are guided through:

  1. Instruction:  Build on and supplement the Wabash academic education with LABB and other meaningful immersive opportunities to provide a solid foundation in business. Action:  Liberal Arts Bridge to Business Training, and Resume & Interview Preparation
  2. Intensives:  Put student into sector-specific intensive that give them a deep-dive into industry-specific insights and exposure to the latest trends and best practices. Action: Business Analysis with Excel, Design Thinking, LEAN Process, Project Management
  3. Internships:  Provide student meaningful internship experience where they are able to combine Instruction & Intensives to put their knowledge to work. Action: Two Summer Internships, and One Externship with an Entrepreneur
  4. Involvement:  Engage students in real-world work on campus, and in the community to solve complex problems from business operations to marketing and data analytics. Action: Three Project Engagements, and Case Study Reviews & Competitions

University of Notre Dame Pipeline:

In 2015, Wabash signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Notre Dame's ESTEEM Masters program.  ESTEEM is a one-year master of entrepreneurship (MS) that is awarded by the Mendoza School of Business and the College of Arts & Sciences. The MOU formalized a pipeline program that reserves two (2) seats in each ESTEEM cohort specifically for Wabash students. The prerequisites for admission to ESTEEM are a major in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computations Mathematics, or Financial Economics. ESTEEM is an intensive, one-year, full-time graduate degree program.  

For additional information, please see Roland Morin, Director, CIBE.