Off Campus Studies (OCS) Course

OCS-01 Off Campus Study

The Off-Campus Study selection process and staff procedures are guided by the vote of the faculty in 1994. The Wabash College Off-Campus Study Committee approves student proposals for off-campus study, and approves the programs in which students may participate. Acceptable programs must be equivalent to the Wabash curriculum in their academic rigor. Students interested in off-campus study should begin planning the completion of their college requirements with their academic advisor during the freshman year, prior to any consideration of off-campus study. They should consult with their advisors and professors, program representatives listed, and the Director of International Programs. The application process to study off-campus is fully outlined at This web site also provides extensive information regarding possible study abroad programs, the most up-to-date information about requirements, and deadlines. Students will make their application on line through this web site, during the fall semester of their sophomore year. Wabash students study off-campus in either the fall or spring semester of the junior year. Only students approved by the Off-Campus Study Committee (OCSC) may apply Wabash financial aid towards the costs of their off-campus program and only for the committee-designated semester or semesters. To the greatest extent possible, the amount and distribution of credit must be discussed and determined in cooperation with the International Programs Office, Registrar, and the academic departments involved. There is a clearly outlined advising and application procedure for interested students to follow. With the exception of courses taken at American University (Washington, D.C.), grades from off-campus study programs do not transfer or affect the Wabash GPA. Anyone who considers pursuing off-campus study without OCSC approval does so at his own risk, especially with regard to transfer credit and graduation requirements. In such a case, the student would be responsible for all of the costs of the program, and would not be eligible for any form of financial aid since there is no committee approval.
Prerequisites: none
Credits: 0