Endowed Chairs and Professorships

John W. Bachmann-Edward Jones Chair in Economics and Leadership

This chair supports a full-time faculty position in the Wabash College Department of Economics. In addition to teaching and research, the Chair provides academic leadership for the College’s business leadership development programs, including summer experiences such as the Business Immersion Program. The Chair was established by the Edward Jones brokerage firm in honor of John W. Bachmann, Wabash College Class of 1960, and his career with the company, which began as a summer internship in 1959. Edward Jones benefited from Mr. Bachmann’s strengths in strategic planning, corporate finance, technology, and management until his retirement in 2003 after 24 years as a Managing Partner. He remains active as a part-time Senior Partner.

Eugene N. and Marian C. Beesley Chair

This chair is held by a distinguished member of the faculty whose teaching and counsel contribute to the preparation of young men for positions of leadership in the world of business. The Beesley Professor is to be a member of the faculty whose commitment to teaching, interest in students, and enthusiasm for learning may be expected to contribute significantly to the character and quality of the Wabash College community. Mr. Beesley was a member of the Wabash Class of 1929, retired president of Eli Lilly and Company, and served as a trustee of Wabash College from 1959-1976.

The Stephen S. Bowen Professorship in the Liberal Arts

Established in 2017, this professorship supports a full-time professor in the Liberal Arts Program. It will be awarded to a tenured faculty member who demonstrates leadership and excellence in his or her academic discipline, an understanding of his or her discipline’s roles in the broader context in the Liberal Arts, and a profound commitment to teaching and mentoring students. A gift from the Pritzker Foundation, the Bowen Professorship honors the achievements and dedication of Stephen S. Bowen, Class of 1968, who served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees from 2007-2017.  Mr. Bowen is a dedicated attorney and tireless steward of Wabash College. He embodies the tenets that are at the heart of Wabash’s enduring mission – thinking critically, acting responsibly, leading effectively, and living humanely – and that are reflected in his love of Wabash, his love of the classroom, and his respect for the life of the mind. The appointment is for five years and may be renewed at the discretion of the President.

John P. Collett Chair in Rhetoric

This appointment may be made in the departments of Rhetoric, English, or Philosophy to any professor whose special interest and competence are directed to the concern for effective expression and for standards of ethical persuasion. The appointment is for a five-year term and may be renewed at the discretion of the Dean of the College.

Lawrence E. DeVore Professor of Economics

The DeVore Chair was established in 1972 through a bequest from Mabel K. DeVore, widow of Lawrence (Class of 1911), which she and her husband hoped would serve to “build up and maintain a strong department which they had always considered an important part of the college curriculum.” The appointment is concurrent with the department chair’s appointment.

Owen Duston Visiting Assistant Professor

This fund supports a visiting professor in various disciplines. It was established in memory of Dr. C. Owen Duston, professor of English 1954-70.

Daniel F. Evans Associate Professor in the Social Sciences

This professorship was established by the Board of Trustees to honor Mr. Evans, Class of 1943, for his distinguished service to the College and his commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. Mr. Evans was treasurer from 1975 to 1988, vice president and investment officer from 1988 to 1992, and executive vice (acting) president in the 1992-1993 academic year. It recognizes individuals “whose teaching and scholarship are admirable and effective, and whose intellectual leadership promises to affect the quality of instruction in his or her disciplines and across the College.” The appointment is for three years.

Edgar H. Evans Professor of Bible and Christian Religion

Established in 1946, this professorship supports instruction in Bible and in Christian religion. Mr. Evans was a member of the Wabash Class of 1892.

Andrew T. and Anne Ford Chair in the Liberal Arts

The Ford Chair was established to honor Andrew T. and Anne Ford, President and First Lady of Wabash College from 1993-2006.  The chair is awarded for a five-year term to a faculty member who demonstrates work in his or her field in the larger context of the liberal arts and who demonstrates extraordinary dedication to students in and out of the classroom. 

Jane and Frederic M. Hadley Chair in History

This chair is part of the endowed Hadley Fund, and is occupied by the history department chair; income from its endowment supports the chair’s salary and other departmental expenses. Mr. Hadley was Honorary Alumnus 1928, retired from Eli Lilly, and served Wabash as vice president for development and director of the Wabash Institute for Personal Development.

William J. and Wilma M. Haines Professorship and Chair in Biochemistry

This chair was established in 2009 William J. Haines ’40, who was the first Wabash graduate to earn a Ph.D. in biochemistry. The William J. and Wilma M. Haines Fund for the Study of Biochemistry has two broad mandates and purposes: the establishment of the endowed professorship, and extending the work of the Haines Professor in Biochemistry through support for student research, public lectures and symposia, and other related activities.

Lloyd B. Howell Professor of Chemistry

This chair was established and funded through the generosity of former students and friends of “Doc” Howell, particularly Thomas W. Mastin (Class of 1938). Howell was a long-time professor of chemistry and chair of the department at Wabash from 1912-13 and 1924-59. The appointment, which is for five years and may be renewed, helps defray salary, teaching, and research activities.

Charles D. and Elizabeth S. LaFollette Distinguished Professor of Humanities Chair

This chair was established by Mr. LaFollette (Class of 1920). It was his desire “to perpetuate a lifelong interest in excellence of teaching and to affirm the importance of the disciplines traditionally known as the humanities.” The Distinguished Professor of Humanities Chair shall be held by individuals who over a period of years have exemplified distinguished teaching of undergraduates in the fields of philosophy, literature, religion, or history.

Milligan Professor of English

This professorship is awarded to a professor of English.

John H. Schroeder Interdisciplinary Chair in Economics

This chair was established in 2008 and honors John H. Schroeder ’42, a beloved Evansville civic leader, successful businessman, and longtime trustee and benefactor of Wabash College. The faculty chair honors Mr. Schroeder’s lifetime commitment to his community and to Wabash College, and is endowed by a gift from his son, John C. Schroeder ’69, and his wife, Diane.

Norman E. Treves Professor of Biology

The Treves Chair was established in 1964 from a bequest from the estate of Norman E. Treves, a native of Crawfordsville, Wabash Class of 1915, and who received his medical degree Johns Hopkins University. From 1941 until his death in 1964, he taught future physicians at the Cornell University Medical School and the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research. The appointment is for an initial term of five years and is renewable. It recognizes commitment to undergraduate science education and biology broadly construed, continuing research with Wabash students, and the belief in the importance of science in a liberal arts education.

Byron K. Trippet Assistant Professorships

These professorships are awarded to beginning faculty during the period until tenure application, offering them competitive salary and support for their professional development, allowing them to compete effectively for research awards. Byron K. Trippet, Wabash Class of 1930, President of Wabash College from 1956-1965, is remembered by most alumni as the “ideal Wabash man.”